Product-Market-Fit Accelerator

Designed for startups that do not have customers yet
or have not yet discovered a scalable go-to-market strategy.

Grow on a Solid Foundation

Achieving a good Product-Market-Fit is crucial to the success of your startup.

Knowing exactly who your customers are and where you can deliver the most amount of value at the optimum pricepoint with the least amount of resistance significantly accelerates growth from zero revenue to profitability.

Our Product-Market-Fit Accelerator is a tailor-made program to help you identify your ideal customer, define the best and most effective Go-To-Market strategy, and close your first deals.

This program is ideal for startups with less than £10,000 per month in revenue that want to accelerate their growth and/or prepare for a funding round.

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I would recommend him to any organization wanting to increase sales

I find myself instigating a recommendation for Edward and his team based on the good work they have produced for me. I find Edward incredibly patient, as a client it's often hard to deliver my part and I feel patience is a real asset when working with a 3rd party such as MyGrowthHack. Edward's knowledge of sales and marketing is excellent and I would recommend him to any organization wanting to increase sales.





Andrew Bird

Grow Your Startup or Scale-up

Over 80% of all Small and Medium Businesses close their doors within their first 10 years. One of the major contributing factors is not enough revenue from different customers.

This is where we can help. We apply our decades of experience in growing and scaling technology startups and scale-ups and ensure that you will achieve the following:

  • Finding the right Product-Market-Fit
  • Selecting the most effective Go-To-Market strategy
  • Generate as many leads as you need
  • Close sales opportunities quickly and effectively
  • Become profitable and cashflow positive
  • Working on the business as opposed to in the business

Some Case Studies

Because this company is now publicly listed, we cannot name them with the results we achieved. But we helped this Platform-as-a-Service business (PaaS) grow its Europe, Middle-East and Africa (EMEA) business from virtually zero to $5 million in ARR within 3 years. We signed enterprise customers like Lloyds Bank, Worldpay, eDreams Odigeo, Rabbank and many others.

We also helped Quix, a streaming data solution, get their $12 million Series A funding by signing their first real customers adding a few hundred in revenue in only a few months.

Or what about CVIS, an IT service provider in the Netherlands? When they hired me to grow their business, they didn't know they had an enormous tax bill to pay. Had they known then, they wouldn't have hired me and filed for bankruptcy immediately. Fortunately, they had this oversight and we helped them become profitable within 1 year. And they still exist to this day.


Edward has strong leadership as a team player and the ability to focus on the business-critical results with a helicopter view.




Wener van Unen
Area Vice President EMEA

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