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Who are We?

We are MyGrowthHack, your dedicated partner in driving explosive revenue growth for B2B Start-Ups, Scale-Ups, and Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). Our proven methodologies and strategic insights generate qualified leads, and optimize your sales process, ensuring seamless lead conversion and sustained success. We can handle everything from generating leads to closing the deals for you giving you true hands-free scaling.

Our 5-Step Process

Strategic Planning

We begin by defining your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), crafting compelling positioning and messaging, and developing irresistible offers tailored to your target audience.

Case Study Creation

Leveraging the success stories of your existing customers, we create persuasive case studies to enhance credibility and boost conversions.

Lead Generation

Through strategic multi-channel outreach campaigns, we generate and nurture leads effectively, securing high-quality appointments to fuel your sales pipeline.

Sales Optimization

Equipping you with proven scripts, a refined sales methodology, and effective processes, we empower your team to convert leads into lucrative deals. We can even close the deals for you.

Continuous Improvement

Our commitment to growth doesn’t stop. We continually refine and optimize each process, leveraging insights and data to accelerate your revenue growth journey.

Our Unique Guarantee:

At Least 2x ROI, Or We Work For Free Until You Do

B2B Specialists
Technology Experts
Guaranteed Results
Your Growth Engine
Sustainable Growth

What People Are Saying...


Recommend him to any organization wanting to increase sales

I find myself instigating a recommendation for Edward and his team based upon the good work they have produced for me. I find Edward incredibly patient, as a client it's often hard to deliver my part and I feel patience is a real asset when working with a 3rd party such as MyGrowthHack. Edward's knowledge of sales and marketing is excellent and I would recommend him to any organization wanting to increase sales.

Andrew Bird, CTO

Delivering the Numbers

Edward is an intelligent and smart person. Mature and has the ability to create energy and passion around him, at the same time as delivering the numbers.

Kurt Svenson, Growth Marketing Director

Strong Leadership

Edward ihas strong leadership as a team player and the ability to focus on the business-critical results with a helicopter view.

Werner van Unen., Area VP EMEA

A Few of Our Success Stories

SaaS Business 0-$10 Million in 3 Years

Grew the EMEA business of an Open Source data platform provider from virtually zero to 10 Million ARR.

Raised $12 Million Series A

Helped a streaming data solution signing up first customers and raise $12 Million in Series A funding.

Prevented Bankruptcy

Grew the revenue (and profits) of an IT service provider fast enough to prevent them from going bankrupt.

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Phone UK: +44 7889 267695

Email: [email protected]

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